AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master: The Vanguard in Oral Care at Inima Dental Marbella

AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master: The Vanguard in Oral Care at Inima Dental Marbella


In our constant pursuit of offering our patients the most advanced standards in dental care, at our Inima Dental clinic in Marbella, we take pride in introducing the revolutionary dental cleaning system: AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master. This innovative technology developed by EMS has transformed the way we approach dental prophylaxis, providing a comprehensive solution for the prevention and maintenance of oral health.

What is AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master?


The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is much more than a simple dental cleaning device. It is a state-of-the-art system specifically designed for “Guided Biofilm Therapy,” addressing the three fundamental pillars of oral health: biofilm removal, biofilm revelation, and dental protection and strengthening.

How does AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master work?

This advanced system uses a combination of compressed air and fine powder to effectively and safely remove supra and subgingival biofilm, without causing damage to the dental enamel or gums. Additionally, it features pressure control technology that allows adjusting the jet power for personalised and comfortable treatment.

To ensure thorough cleaning, the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master utilizes hydrogen peroxide and contrast dye to reveal the remaining biofilm, thus facilitating its removal. Furthermore, its application of fluoride and xylitol helps strengthen dental enamel, prevent cavities, and reduce plaque acidity, thereby promoting long-term oral health.

Benefits of AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master:

  • Effective biofilm removal: Up to 99% of supra and subgingival biofilm is removed, including antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria.
  • Superior prevention of cavities and periodontal diseases: The risk of developing cavities and periodontal diseases is significantly


  • Comfortable and safe treatment: Discomfort and the risk of soft tissue damage are minimised.
  • Quick and efficient procedure: Complete dental cleanings are performed in less time.
  • Visible results: Improves the aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums.


At our Inima Dental clinic in Marbella, your oral health and satisfaction are our priority. Our highly skilled professionals in Marbella are committed to providing you with the best dental care using the most advanced technologies.

If you’re looking for effective, comfortable, and safe dental cleaning in Marbella, don’t hesitate to visit us at our dental clinic in Marbella. We are here to provide you with the care you deserve and help you maintain a healthy and radiant smile throughout your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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