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What is a dental night guard?

A dental night guard, also known as a dental splint or occlusal guard, is a custom-made oral appliance designed to protect the teeth and jaw from the harmful effects of bruxism (teeth grinding) and clenching. These habits often occur during sleep and can lead to various dental issues and discomfort.

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3D PRINTED technology

3D printing allows for highly precise and customized night guards. A digital scan of the patient’s mouth is used to create a precise 3D model of their teeth, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal protection.

3D printing enables the use of various materials, including biocompatible resins specifically designed for dental applications. These materials are durable, comfortable, and safe for long-term use.

Traditional methods of making dental night guards involve multiple steps, including taking physical impressions and sending them to a dental lab. 3D printing streamlines the process, often allowing for quicker turnaround times.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing process, meaning that material is added layer by layer to create the night guard. This reduces material waste compared to subtractive manufacturing methods.

Digital records of the patient’s mouth and night guard specifications can be easily stored and retrieved for future reference or replacement. We will send you a new one with just a call!

3D-printed night guards can be designed to be thinner and more comfortable while maintaining their protective properties. They are often less bulky and more aesthetically pleasing than traditional night guards.

Inima Dental Clinic in Marbella is your trusted destination for comprehensive dental care, including services like the creation of custom dental night guards and dental night splints. Our experienced team utilize cutting-edge technology, including 3D printing, to provide you with the highest quality dental solutions.

If you're dealing with teeth grinding or clenching, a professionally crafted nightguard can make a world of difference. Our Marbella-based dental clinic specializes in creating custom nightguards tailored to your unique needs. These devices act as a protective barrier, preventing your teeth from grinding against each other during sleep. This not only alleviates discomfort but also helps safeguard your teeth from wear and tear caused by bruxism.

At Inima Dental Clinic, we understand the importance of a comfortable fit and effective protection. Our 3D printing technology ensures precision and customization, resulting in night guards that fit seamlessly and provide maximum comfort throughout the night.

Whether you're in Marbella or the surrounding area, our team of skilled dentists is here to address your dental concerns, from nightguards to a wide range of other dental services. We are committed to delivering top-notch care in a friendly and professional environment.

For personalized dental night guards and exceptional dental care in Marbella, trust Inima Dental Clinic. Your oral health is our priority, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve a bright, healthy smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services.




At Inima Dental Clinic, our commitment to quality and patient well-being is unwavering, ensuring that patients receive the safest, most precise, durable, and aesthetically pleasing dental solutions available.

When seeking dental services or information about night guards or splints, it's essential to consider the expertise and reputation of the dental clinic you choose, such as "Inima Dental Clinic" in Marbella, to ensure you receive high-quality care and restorative treatments tailored to your dental health needs.

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