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Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is a fibrin matrix in which platelet cytokines, growth factors, and cells are trapped and may be released after a certain time and that can serve as a resorbable membrane. Choukroun and his associates were amongst the pioneers for using PRF protocol in oral and maxillofacial surgery to improve bone healing in implant dentistry. Autologous PRF is considered to be a healing biomaterial, and presently, studies have shown its application in various disciplines of dentistry.

PRF has several applications in dentistry due to its regenerative and healing properties:

✅ Socket Preservation: After tooth extraction, PRF can be placed in the empty socket to promote healing, reduce postoperative complications, and preserve the bone structure. This is important for future dental implant placement.

✅ Periodontal Surgery: PRF can be used in periodontal surgery to enhance tissue regeneration and accelerate wound healing. It can help treat conditions like periodontal disease and gum recession.

✅ Sinus Lift Procedures: In preparation for dental implants in the upper jaw, where there may be insufficient bone height, PRF can be used to promote bone growth during a sinus lift procedure.

✅ Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR): PRF can be used in GBR procedures to stimulate bone growth in areas with bone defects or deficiencies, often required before dental implant placement.

✅ Treatment of Oral Lesions: PRF can aid in the healing of oral ulcers, surgical wounds, and lesions in the oral cavity.

Implantology: PRF is sometimes used in conjunction with dental implant placement to accelerate healing and improve the success rate of the implants.

✅ Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders: PRF injections have been explored as a potential treatment for TMJ disorders due to their regenerative properties.

PRF is preferred by some dentists over other blood-derived products like PRP because it is easy to prepare, does not require additives, and forms a stable fibrin clot that can be easily handled during dental procedures. Additionally, because PRF is autologous (derived from the patient's own blood), there is minimal risk of allergic reactions or disease transmission.

It's important to note that while PRF shows promise in promoting tissue regeneration and wound healing in dentistry, its effectiveness may vary depending on the specific clinical scenario and patient factors. Dentists and oral surgeons at INIMA Dental Clinic in Marbella assess each case individually to determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

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